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So fashion always seems to be a touchy subject for men, But if you're willing to learn just hear me out.
This can be a difficult subject because all men (and women) have their own opinions, and different tastes but I will attempt to tackle the most common things that are ruining your outfit or just totally inappropriate.

Number 1: Over Sized Beanies
If you don't know what i am talking about it is like a normal beanie but with extra material draped down your back(mostly grey or dark grey). Is it doing anything for you? Unless you have dreads or need to transport something in your hat this is totally unnecessary. 

But there are many hats out there you could chose from, if you were trying to keep yourself warm opt for a fitted or fluffy beanie, and if that's not the case a poorboy hat or fedora hat will also do, but there is no need to keep a sack on your head.

Number 2: Coat
A coat is a vital fashion essential and not owning a coat makes no sense at all! It's winter and it' always a good idea to throw on a coat. Wear it with pride cause every one knows that a coat can make you instantly more handsome and sexy.

With that said, go buy yourself a coat, you can thank me later.

Number 3: Shorts
No matter how daring you are or where you come from or what climate you're use to, don't do it. Not only is it ridiculous to wear shorts in the winter but there is a huge variety of options for men bottoms.

For example, chinos or corduroys, which are not restricted to black/neutral any more, and it can be easily incorporated in your wardrobe.

So that's 3 things men should either change or stick to.Hopefully we agree on some of this at least. But don't just take this all in, feel free to comment below

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