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So winter has finally arrived, with regards to your wardrobe there are a few essentials you should invest in and bust out this winter.
I’ll list 5 things I can’t go without.

Number 1: Basic T
Really basic but there is so much you can do with a long sleeve t. whether it be a not cold winter’s day or by layering, which trends every winter! 

Number 2: Dark Denims or Tights
Both is essential this winter and every other winter for a matter of fact. Denims are perfect, and goes with just about anything, which could also be dressed up or down. And tights on the other hand are for those cold lazy days where you just throw on some boots and a sweater and you ready to go!

Number 3: Knit Sweaters
Knit sweaters are perfect for those lazy days and you can put on that basic t under it to fight the chill, pair it with a scarf, and you'll look really put together, in an effortless way.

Number 4: Plaid Shirt 
This item is trending this winter, whether it be actually wearing it, or just hanging around the waist (90's trend reappearing) 

Number 5: Leather Jacket
This. If you haven't got one you should totally invest in one. A leather jacket can be paired with just about anything, dressed up or down, styled edgy or elegant. If you going to splurge let it be on this item, you won’t regret it!

AND a bonus: ONESIE
This is to keep you warm during those winter nights where you just chilling watching movies with hot chocolate. You can never go wrong, just don't leave the house with it...

And those are my winter essentials, hope you enjoyed my first blog post and there are many more to come.
Feel free to share or leave a comment below.

Black Tshirt - Mr Price Clothing
Plaid Shirt - Moms Closet
Knit Sweater - Moms Closet
Leather Jacket - Asos Online
White Tee - PnP Clothing
Jeggings - Edgars
Tights - Factorie
Sneakers - Converse
Wedge Sneakers - Edgars

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  1. Wonderful and insightful!!! Something for everyone!

  2. Made me proud. I shall be stalking, I mean following


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